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Swift Recovery Solutions services are now included in your core medical benefits insurance package. This includes personalized services and resources for both you and your family members.

Sadly, there is still a stigma associated with mental health and substance abuse. Swift Recovery Solutions community has created a safe place to learn, understand, and solve these complicated issues. This pamphlet highlights some of the benefits offered to you once you activate your membership. Access to your benefits begins the moment you activate your membership. Swift Recovery Solutions establishes relationships with its members by providing valuable content, which helps grow our community. We specialize in behavioral health and manage all things mental health and substance abuse related.

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Confidential Means No Employer Involvement

Swift Recovery Solutions provides complete and total confidentiality in everything we do. It's been proven that even in the safest work environment employees like yourself can struggle to address personal issues with the HR department. We won't ever disclose the fact that you've contacted us. Knowing this should give you the confidence to take the step to get help when you need it.

The confidentiality at Swift Recovery Solutions goes beyond not sharing information with your employer. We are compliant with all state and federal regulations when it comes to personal health information (PHI). Our proprietary platform is HIPAA compliant and secure. From the moment you speak with one of our dedicated professionals you automatically become protected by these rights.

As an independent third party, we have created a safe zone that is free from judgement and risk of repercussions. With Swift Recovery Solutions being off site, it gives you the comfort that your sensitive issues get addressed without fear of judgement or unwanted exposure to your co-workers. Our experience has proven that we can address and resolve even the most complex problems for you and your loved ones. We want you to know that when you choose to use any of our services, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive high quality care, with the utmost respect for you and your loved ones, always protecting your privacy.

An Accessible Platform Built for You and Your Needs

Successfully treating mental health and substance abuse is complicated. Effective methods are constantly changing and updating. Not unlike cancer and diabetes, substance abuse and mental health are now considered diseases.

Having access to reliable information is vital to living with and managing these diseases. Swift Recovery Solutions understands this and has built a proprietary platform that sends personalized and private content and educational material via email.

Swift Recovery Solutions confidentiality means that none of the information discussed over the phone or electronically will ever be shared with your employer.

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Activating your membership allows you to stay current in the event that you or someone close to you begins to suffer and needs help.


This assessment will assess your needs and based on the results, the platform will send you relevant information that applies to your situation.

Expert Support

A dedicated Swift Recovery Solutions expert will be available to explain and help apply that information to your daily life

How our Platform Works for You

Our service starts with an opt-in process that allows us to focus our efforts on those actively needing our benefits. Whether you're currently struggling or not, activating your membership allows you to stay current in the event that you or someone close to you begins to suffer and needs help. Once you are active in our system, we will walk you through a discovery process to help assess your needs. Based on the assessment, the platform sends you relevant information that applies to your situation. This automated content platform is designed to improve the understanding of both mental health and substance abuse issues.

Lastly, a dedicated Swift Recovery Solutions expert will be available to explain and help apply that information to your daily life. We are constantly expanding and updating our library. However, if you run into a situation where you can't find what you're looking for, you can contact us directly by email at: info@swiftrecoverysolutions.com

Matching Your Needs to the Best Solution

Swift Recovery Solutions recognizes that each situation is completely unique. That there are no "one size fits all" resolutions. By providing a full assessment for you or your loved one, we identify aspects that are important for your situation. A dedicated expert will take the time to listen and understand your struggles. A tailored plan of action is structured, personalized and implemented. A Swift Recovery Solutions professional provides an explanation of services in detail. Our goal is to ensure that you have the information needed to make an educated decision you are comfortable with. With a tailored plan in place, our specialist will set up a timeline and outline the steps needed to successfully execute it. Oftentimes getting help can mean inpatient or outpatient treatment, and sometimes both. Regardless of the level of care needed, Swift Recovery Solutions prepares you for what is to come. We know that understanding insurance and its coverage can be confusing and we will make sure that there are no surprises.

You will be informed from the beginning whether there are deductibles and what your financial responsibility might be. Once our representative is confident that all your questions have been answered, the next step is to apply your benefits to matching facilities within our network. We will do everything in our power to minimize or eliminate any out-of-pocket costs, without sacrificing the quality of care for you or your loved one. Matching the needs of the patient plays an important role in determining which facility will be the best fit. Swift Recovery Solutions uses a rigorous and extensive vetting process. This guarantees that facilities participating in our network provide the highest quality of treatment available. This standard is what differentiates Swift Recovery Solutions and helps reduce the number of treatment episodes. Truly understanding the needs of the patient and aligning them with the proper facility, dramatically increases the success of the treatment.

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What We Can Do to Help You

Every journey has a beginning, middle and an end. Receiving updates, raising your awareness and educating yourself is how this process begins. So, what comes next? What bridges the gap between identifying the problem and solving it? Access to industry experts is a major advantage for Swift Recovery Solutions. Behavioral health professionals with countless years of experience are in place to counsel and support you. After identifying the problem, Swift Recovery Solutions will help determine what your options are and how to implement them. We specialize in discovering solutions and explaining how to get results. Demonstrating and explaining these options in situations like yours allows our professionals to offer guidance rather than just advice. Our mission at Swift Recovery Solutions is to eliminate the pain and stress associated with getting help. Our dedicated staff members are in place to ensure you are supported, so you don't have to do this on your own. Counseling is only a solution when the person receiving it identifies the existence of a problem.

Individuals or loved ones suffering from addiction or mental health problems have a visible impact on those around them. In most cases confrontation causes additional destruction and further seclusion. In instances like these Swift Recovery Solutions refers an interventionist - comprised of an unbiased third party trained at finding common ground. Interventionists address the wreckage being caused and the destructive nature of the behaviors, in a caring but direct manner. The goal is to help the person see and admit to the impact they are having on themselves and the people who care about them. Ultimately, what we want from an intervention is to steer the person who is suffering towards getting help. Swift Recovery Solutions is here to take care of the logistics so you or your loved one can have the best chance at recovery.

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