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Scientific research has proven that addiction is a disease and that it effects your behavior and damages your brain.

How Science and Technology have changed the Perception of Drug Addiction

In the 1930’s scientist began studying addictive behavior and the initial thought was that people addicted to drugs were morally flawed. It was the standard belief that drugs addicts simply lacked the willpower to stop. These perceptions and views help shape how society treated and interacted with addicts. Rather than addressing it as a health issue drug addiction was a moral failing. These powerful misconceptions and the nature of addiction led to an emphasis on punishment instead of prevention. Now thanks to technology and a better understanding of how drugs effect the brain those views have changed significantly. New breakthroughs and discoveries have shifted our understanding on compulsive drug use. And with this knowledge it enables us to be more effective and respond better to the issue.

Scientific research has proven that addiction is a disease and that it effects your behavior and damages your brain. We now understand many of the environmental and biological factors associated with addiction. We are also starting to identify genetic predispositions that help contribute to the development and progression of the disease. With this information scientist will be able to develop different preventative measures and new effective treatment approaches. Having those in place will help minimize and reduce the impact drug use takes on society.

Today most people still struggle to understand how someone becomes addicted despite what we have learned. Most do not understand how drugs reprogram the brain and essentially force compulsive behavior. Swift Recovery Solutions is here to help bridge that gap by providing scientific data on the disease of addiction. This educational information should be used to better understand the harmful consequences of drug use. Assist in putting into place common approaches that are used to prevent the development of the disease. And when necessary the proper treatment needed to effectively manage and resolve substance use disorders. An increased understanding of addiction will empower individuals and assist them in making informed decisions about the future of those effected by addiction. These will be the decisions that will help shape and improve our communities and continue to save lives.

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