For far too long, people thought of those who were problematic or even compulsive gamblers as those who simply made bad choices on a regular basis.  As medical science advanced, however, it became clear that this is a medical problem and one that requires professional help in order to be treated properly.  Unfortunately, there are still too many people who don’t understand the nature of their options at their disposal, so they go about waiting and hoping for a solution to materialize.  Medical conditions don’t usually just get better, so for the most part that’s not a realistic option when it comes to making a recovery.  Fortunately, insurance companies have begun to realize, along with the rest of the medical world, that there is a better way.

Swift Recovery Solutions is part of that proverbial better way.  We work directly with insurance companies and employers to help people with gambling problems and other types of medical challenges.  This is helpful both because there’s no reason for an employee to hide things in this regard and because we’re able to tell people that in many instances, there is insurance coverage available for treatments for their conditions.  This is a question that comes up often with regards to problem gambling.  We’re going to present some basic ideas below with regards to insurance coverage for gambling treatments in hopes that you’ll take the next steps if necessary.

Gambling Addiction Is a Recognized Condition

The first thing that needs to happen with regards to insurance coverage for treatment of a condition is for that condition to be officially recognized.  With regards to gambling addiction, that has occurred, as this problem is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  That means that it is seen much like any other serious medical problem that involves the brain, such as bipolar disorder, depression or compulsive disorder, all of which often co-occur with a gambling problem.  In fact, many gambling problems are more the symptoms of those other conditions.

Insurance Does Cover These Disorders

Given its recognition as a disorder, gambling addictions and problematic behavior is often covered by insurance policies.  There are many reasons for this development, and one of them is the passage of laws like the Affordable Care Act that specifically designate mental health disorders as conditions that need to be offered coverage.  Another reason is practicality.  Insurance companies deal in probabilities.  To them, it makes more sense to cover treatments like those for mental health disorders as opposed to continually treating the negative effects of these disorders such as injuries and illness.

You Need to Ask

Of course, despite the fact that insurance policies sometimes do cover things like treatment for gambling problems, that clearly doesn’t mean that every insurance policy does provide that coverage.  You should start by asking your insurance provider about that type of coverage and whether or not you have it.  You should also ask about adding it to your policy as part of your mental health coverage if you don’t have it currently.

Swift Recovery Solutions Can Help

Taking the first step in this process is never easy.  If you’d like to work with someone who understands the nature of your challenge and who is ready to help you find the treatment you need, you can always contact Swift Recovery Solutions.  We understand what it’s like to face these difficulties, and we know what it takes to find people the help that they need.  Please feel free to contact us today so we can get you started on the path to recovery.

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