You’re getting tired of money missing from your joint bank account, and you’re even more tired of listening to non-answers to what you think are direct and blunt questions.  You know something is going on and you’re also noticing that he or she is suddenly gone a lot more than what used to be considered normal.  You’re getting letters in the mail and phone calls from creditors, and your spouse keeps telling you that everything is fine and that these are all misunderstandings.  Then one day, you overhear a conversation where he or she is placing bets over the phone.  That’s what’s been happening – your loved one has a gambling problem.  Now what?  How do you get it to stop before it destroys your entire family?

You’ve tried to talk to your spouse, but he or she will no longer discuss finances with you.  You’ve threatened to leave, but that didn’t have any effect other than prompting some fake conciliatory language.  You’re not out of options – Swift Recovery Solutions is here to help.  You may need an intervention for your loved one’s gambling problem, and you may need it soon before everything is lost forever.  We can help you put this together, and we can do so in a timely but responsible manner so it has the best chance for success.  Below are some things to keep in mind as you explore this possibility.

Don’t Waste Time

Gambling debts are like a snowball rolling down a mountain.  It starts small, but it gets bigger and carries with it more speed as it moves downhill.  That means that the longer you wait, the worse the financial difficulties are going to get.  Before long, you could be facing lawsuits, wage garnishments, the seizure of assets or even worse if any debts have been incurred outside the law.  You need to act quickly, because if your spouse is a compulsive gambler, the behavior will not stop until someone steps in and helps put a stop to it.

Don’t Hold Back

Now is not the time to be concerned about how you may be perceived.  Your loved one is in dire need of help for his or her gambling problem, and you have to get results.  You need to get more than yourself involved in this process, as other family members and friends have likely been hurt as a result of this condition.  They need to be there for an intervention as well.  The more people that are involved, the more effect this experience is going to have on the person who needs help.  Don’t take no for an answer if at all possible.

Don’t Do This Alone

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to be sure to not do this alone.  You need an experienced professional there to help you through this process, as interventions are always intense and can spiral out of control if no one there understands how to right the ship when such a step becomes necessary.  You have enough to worry about right now, so let that professional handle how the intervention is going to go so you can focus on achieving the result you and your family need urgently.

How Swift Recovery Solutions Can Help

Swift Recovery Solutions can help you in more than one way, but first, we can help you connect with an intervention specialist so you can get that moving.  We can also work with you in terms of the treatment your loved one is going to need.  Please contact us today so we can provide some insight into what needs to be done.

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