If you’ve been thinking about getting some help for your gambling habit as it’s gotten progressively more intense and encompassing, you may have thoughts about whether or not it’s even worth it.  Will it work?  Will I ever really be able to stop gambling?  Is my situation really that bad?  Will anyone really understand what I’m going through?  These are all common questions, and they are all things that people go through as they perform even some basic self-examination of their situations.  Some people are looking for an excuse to avoid getting the help they need, while others just want to be reasonably sure that what they’re doing is worth their time and effort.  The short answer is yes, getting help will improve your situation immensely if you go in with the right mindset.

Swift Recovery Solutions has been helping people in your situation and many whose situations were probably worse than yours.  We understand how bad it can get and we also understand what it takes to put these gambling struggles in the past for good.  We’re going to start by providing you with some basic reasons as to why seeking help is generally a good idea for people who struggle with gambling, and these should apply regardless of the particulars of your current situation.  We hope to hear from you soon to help you start on your journey.

You Will Save Money

Studies have shown that the average amount of loss a compulsive gambler faces in the United States comes in at approximately $50,000 per year.  You may be losing more or you may be losing less.  At this moment, you may even be on a hot streak, but the bottom line is that people who gamble habitually generally lose a lot of money.  Treatment is not free, but with the help of Swift Recovery Solutions, it may at least partially be covered by insurance.  Putting that aside, if treatment is successful, it’ll be the last money you ever spend on gambling, potentially saving you from financial devastation.

You Will Restore Peace of Mind

Most people with gambling problems, when going through recovery, have realized for the first time that thoughts about gambling consumed them constantly.  Not only were they thinking about the bets they wanted to place, but they were thinking about how they were going to get their hands on the next bit of money to fund that gambling.  They were thinking about the stories they’d have to make up to convince family, friends and coworkers that everything was fine.  They were telling themselves that they had things under control.  Putting gambling in the past also puts all of this preoccupation in the past.

You May Save Your Family

If you have a family, gambling too much and for too long may put it in a position of risk for a lot of reasons.  The most obvious is financial.  Over time, savings accounts get emptied, retirement accounts get liquidated, loans are taken out against assets and even monthly bills start to go unpaid as gambling continues.  Eventually, family members hit their own breaking point and decide that enough is enough if the person struggling with gambling does not get help.  Putting an end to this habit could help you avoid that unfortunate result.

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