Gambling is a problem for millions of people in the United States, and it’s only grown in prevalence since things like the Internet and online gambling have come about.  Many people who struggle with gambling may not know that they have a problem until things get so bad that they “bottom out,” as it’s commonly referred to by those who help people recover from these situations.  If you’re wondering whether or not you have a problem, the first thing you should do is find out more about your situation.  You may find that you simply need to take it easy with your gambling, which in itself would be a relief, or you may find that you need some help.  Either way, you’re better off knowing where you stand.  If you don’t want to know where you stand, that’s an indicator in and of itself.

As mentioned above, too many people let things go too far before they are all but forced to get the help that they so badly need.  By then, they may face a life that’s been all but destroyed by the ravages of problem gambling and face years, decades or even a lifetime of rebuilding.  You can avoid all of that by getting help now instead of later.  Swift Recovery Solutions would like to start by providing you with a brief overview of the benefits of early intervention for gambling issues.

Avoiding Financial Devastation

The most obvious reason to get help for gambling difficulties is because it saves you money.  Studies have shown that the average amount of debt that an American falls into because of problematic gambling is approximately $55,000.  Most people don’t have that kind of cash lying around, and that means that they have to borrow to pay it off.  That borrowing often comes from credit cards.  Most credit cards charge high interest, meaning that making the monthly payments will never realistically wipe that debt out.  You can avoid that before it happens to you.

Avoiding Possible Legal Consequences

At certain points, many problem gamblers become desperate to get their hands on money so that they can continue to gamble.  After losses mount and debts pile up, people are generally no longer able to borrow from banks or advance themselves money from credit cards.  They may have even lost the trust of friends and family members.  At that point, some will commit crimes.  According to this article from last year, nearly two-thirds of compulsive gamblers commit some sort of crime to fund their compulsion.  This affects even people who are otherwise law-abiding.

It Can Save Your Job

It can be somewhat easy to lose sight of the fact that while you’re chasing a gambling debt, hanging on to the one source of incoming money could be critically important.  Unfortunately, given the distraction involved with heavy gambling and what are often rising debts, people tend to lose focus on their careers.  Like anything else, this lack of focus can lead to consequences up to and including the loss of a job.  That’s when things become even more desperate, as now regular bills are not being paid and food is not being put on the table.  A difficult situation becomes desperate for many people.

Swift Recovery Solutions Can Help

If you find yourself wondering about your gambling and where it could lead, you need to take a break now to find out what’s happening.  Swift Recovery Solutions has helped countless people get through this difficult time, so we encourage you to contact us so you can learn more.  We look forward to helping you figure out what’s happening.

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